About Anne Greenidge

Anne Greenidge has a day job and so doesn't blog as much as she would like. She established the blog Tellyphile in 2007, blogging intermittenly until now. This is the year she realizes her dream of creating a  unique online space that properly digs into the greatest medium of our time. Her bonafides include watching an unhealthy amount of television her whole life long, a degree in Film and Television from Boston University and a sneaking suspicion she is the curly-haired lovechild of Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman.

Anne is also the author of One Great Novel which for the time being remains unwritten.  She does not love writing about herself in the third person, but is willing to hold her nose and bear it until Tellyphile is so successful she can hire an assistant to do it for her.

Readers (and potential employers) are encouraged to write to Anne at tellyphile@gmail.com.