Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Have the Right to Remain Delicious

The internet has way too much time on its hands. Isn't it fucked up and great?

Tumblr--vast, strange and specialized universe that it is--backs me up with the existence of the blog Law &Order & Food. HT to Vulture for coming through with this little afternoon clickcrack to get a weary tellyphile through the homestretch. (Via)

Chris Noth is looking at that shish kebab like its name is Carrie, isn't he? More of my favorites after the jump...

These Are the Spaces Where Your Favorite Shows Are Born

In the office of Gossip Girl showrunner Stephanie Savage a nod to the series' signature signoff:

Gossip Girl’s pilot casting director, David Rapaport, gave Savage the Jonathan Adler pillows as a gift. They share corner space with the Teen Choice Award surfboards that mark four consecutive wins as choice TV drama show.
The Hollywood Reporter features more showrunner lairs including Matthew Weiner (Mad Men) and Elizabeth Meriwether (New Girl) here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Friends Are All Adults, I'm Still A Teenage Girl

Haven't been able to shake that lyric from The Echo Friendly's "Same Mistakes", the song heard over the end credits of HBO's Girls Episode 4: Hannah's Diary. That's right. I'm on the Girls bus. More to come on that front in a separate post.

Big ups to Michael Penn, brother o' Sean, for being the first music supervisor to rival Mad Men's. I look forward to seeing what song will be over the Girls end credits as much as I do new episodes.

I really don't like that I relate to this song as much as I do but then that's how I feel about Girls. Listen and see if it's uncomfortably familiar to you too: