Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Living Blogging "Watch What Happens Live: All Star Party"


Earlier: Show opens with live rendition of WWHL theme song and host/ringmaster Andy Cohen drops word that Flipping Out  is coming back! Hooray. Interior Therapy is far too Zoila-less for my taste.

11:08pm: Top Chef's Gayle Simmons is Zoila's biggest fan.

AC makes a point of saying hi to NeNe. Mentions last time he saw her was the ATL Housewives Reunion: AC: "That was heavy." NeNe: "Yes, shots were fired." This was said in NeNe's version of Madonna's faux-British accent, which is essentially a Boughetto one. Love it.

11:17pm: Speaking of shots fired. There was a nice skirmish once Jeff Lewis was on set. Jeff kicked things off by saying he can't believe Bethenny didn't self-promote during her segment to nervous laughter and no real reaction from AC. Then he tries to diss Andy, tells him he looks like an Easter egg. AC  promptly replies, "You look like a funeral director and not in the Phaedra Parks kinda way." Uncomfortable titters from the Bravolebrity audience. Gauntlet laid.

Monday, April 02, 2012

The Kiernan Shipka Look Book

She's almost as fun to gawk at as Suri. Almost.

NY Mag's Fug Girls have thoughtfully documented the fashion evolution of Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka so that you can waste a few minutes not doing whatever you're supposed to be doing right now. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

To Forgive or Forget: "The Killing" Season Two Premieres Tonight


Last season's conclusion of the AMC procedural was one of the biggest letdowns in recent TV history. Suggestion: If your show is called The Killing your audience is probably expecting to find out who committed...wait for it...the killing(!) at the conclusion of your season. That whole whodunnit thing isn't just a wacky experiment in misspelled words. We want to know who done it, Veena.

So the premiere just started and I've got it on. For now I'm seeing I've decided to forgive and hang in there to finally learn who killed Rosie Larsen. I'll also be watching to see if the writers have learned something about character and plot development during their hiatus so that while we put the puzzle pieces of this season together we actually have a shot at enjoying ourselves this go round.

However, this review of tonight's 2-hour premiere by Judy Berman over at Flavorwire doesn't bode well for hopeful tellyphiles. Money quote:
I went into the two-hour Season 2 premiere willing to forgive and forget and get sucked back into a murder mystery that I once found riveting. But what I found, to my great disappointment, was the same messiness that plagued the latter half of Season 1, exacerbated by a ten-month hiatus that has made keeping up with The Killing‘s enormous cast of characters and their many counterintuitive complexities even more confusing than usual.
Whatever may come, at least it gave us Joel Kinnaman.

Not an April Fools Joke - Sarah Palin Will Co-Host "Today"

That fetid breeze that just hit you is the death rattle of the Today show's journalistic integrity.

I guess we're supposed to be okay with this because before Palin played a Vice-Presidential nominee on TV she played a sports anchor (HT: TVNewser):

Per Forbes' Roger Friedman NBC's stunt casting is really a hissy fit aimed at their former-darling Katie Couric who has dared to return to morning television on another network:

Live from the Orange Carpet: The 2012 Kids' Choice Awards Was On Last Night


Showtracker's Geoff Boucher takes us there as he compares the scene at the Kids' Choice Awards to that other awards show. My favorite matchup was the orange carpet compared to its prestigious red counterpart:
The Carpet: The rug is red at the Oscars, but for the Kids' Choice Awards they roll out an orange carpet. Instead of Brad Pitt, the man of the hour on Saturday was Josh Hutcherson of "The Hunger Games" and (according to an unscientific measure of sidewalk screaming) is second only to Justin Bieber as the most desired boyfriend in the Clearasil nation.