Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bravolebrity NeNe Leakes Movin' on Up to Scripted TV, Cast in Ryan Murphy Sitcom

Real Housewives of Atlanta breakout NeNe Leakes isn't long for the reality TV world. She's bested her wigged nemesis Kim Zolciak, who Bravo chose to give a spinoff, by bypassing the reality television ghetto altogether for her next independent project. NeNe will no doubt be her usual humble self about this, right?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Justin Bieber Will Host Premiere of "Punk'd" Reboot

Thankfully, Ashton Kutcher is executive producer only this time around and each episode is hosted by a different celebrity pranking a few of their famous friends. While the punking of rich famous people will certainly have its entertainment value I'll be more interested in seeing which bold-faced names are dawgs with one another. There could be some fascinating inner circles revealed.

The Biebs is up first and unfortunately there are no real surprises in his. He'll be making fools of fellow tween dreams Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift and MTV-tard Rob Drydek though punking Swifty seems redundant. Wouldn't you agree, Kanye? (Thurs, March 29 @ 10pm EST)

p.s. Speaking of Taylor and Kanye, hadn't realized there was new scuttlebutt on that front...


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zimmerman Pal Joe Oliver's Awkward Threesome with Lawrence O'Donnell and Charles Blow on "The Last Word"

Wow. That's gonna leave a mark. If you were watching The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell this evening then like me you're probably still picking your jaw up off the floor after witnessing that interrogation interview. Not only did Lawrence go in on the guy but he invited NYT columnist Charles Blow along to have a piece too.

Mediaite's Tommy Christopher is on it:
On Tuesday night’s The Last Word, George Zimmerman friend and former news anchor Joe Oliver finally ran into an interviewer who has been watching the game films, and the result was an epic two segments of television that left Oliver’s premise, that he knows Zimmerman well enough to know he couldn’t have killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood, in tatters.
You'll have to follow that link for full video. It's well worth it. Will have more to say about it tomorrow, bed is calling.

"If I Had a Son He'd Look Like Trayvon"

Have been meaning to get this up. It's a meaningful televised moment and not surprisingly one of my blog idols Ta-Nehisi Coates describes it aptly as, "pitch perfect" and "a stunning exercise in political minimalism."  

And here's one of the lesser ones. Not surprisingly it's brought to us by pseudo-journalist Geraldo Rivera and the Fox and Friends get-along-gang.


My initial reaction was of course anger but it's marinated a few days and I've now reached the point where I'm just laughing at the stupidity.

I'd like to highlight the exchange between Geraldo and Steve Doocy here. Doocy (how appropriately is this guy named by the way) is so galled by the fact that "they" actually had a Million Hoodie March of all things(!) and then Geraldo's reply, "You cannot rehabilitate the hoodie!" SNL writers, where are you?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Takeaways from the "Mad Men" Season Premiere

PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Yarish/AMC
The best thing about being a fan of Mad Men is how rarely it disappoints you. After a 17-month long absence we were back in the familiar territory of Matthew Weiner's capable hands. Titled "A Little Kiss" Weiner wrote this episode himself and he moves the destinies of each of his characters forward with the quiet plotting confidence of a chess master and the balls of some great mammoth creature.

I'm not much for recaps. You won't ever find them here. As I see it if you're bothering to read about the show you've probably already seen that week's episode and there's no need for me to regurgitate it back to you. Conversely, if you haven't seen the episode you hardly want it spoiled by my play-by-play. If you really find yourself fiending for recaps though you can find some decent ones here and here. I'm more interested in sifting through and mining the episode gold. Here's what I've got so far:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Portrait of The Fashionista as a Young Lady: AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw

PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Eric Liebowitz © & TM 2012 WBEI.
First official photo of Carrie Bradshaw as she'll be seen in the CW's The Carrie Diaries.

I still remain dubious of the wisdom of giving a beloved fashion icon like Carrie B  the Sweet Valley High treatment, but the sequined frock with tulle underlay before sunset does give me some comfort.

p.s. the project is SJP approved.

Here's the Cast of "Mad Men" talking to the NY Times & "Charlie Rose"

You may want to reach a state of Tellyphile purity and purge yourself of all things Mad Men in preparation for tonight's premiere considering the media coverage has been incessant to the point of overkill. I, however, have never been one to do anything in moderation so I was thrilled to find 2 different hour-long cast interviews to make my MM binge complete.

HT for both clips go to the Lipp sisters who are the online Mad Men authoritay over at Basket of Kisses. They even attended the Times interview, got to ask a question and met Matt Weiner afterwards. Photographic evidence and some nice onsite observations here.

Be still my blogging heart!


TimesTalks: The Creator & Cast of Mad Men from The New York Times 'TimesTalks' on