Friday, June 01, 2012

NY Times Outs "Girls" Password Viewers, Ruins a Good Thing

PHOTO CREDIT: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Brian Stelter blows up everybody's spot :
Of course HBO Go is intended only for HBO’s cable and satellite subscribers; the company depends on its existing deals with cable and satellite providers and has repeatedly rebuffed suggestions to let people pay for HBO Go on its own. But as online pleas for help prove — “Can someone give me their HBO Go password?” read one such Twitter message on Tuesday — there are workarounds.     

Up to a point, account sharing is permissible; HBO Go allows subscribers to have three separate accounts so that family members can watch different shows at the same time. Some fans might be testing that limit by sharing passwords with friends, but HBO, at least publicly, isn’t cracking down on the practice, partly because it doesn’t know how widespread it is.
Italics mine. I know from the lofty offices of the Times building this may seem like a charming piece about those internet-crazy young people and too-poor-for-premium 30-year olds like your beloved blogger (ahem), but shit is real out on the mean streets, Stelter, and I'll not soon forget this slight.