Wednesday, May 02, 2012

MTV Seeks Credibility for Its "Movie Awards" With Academy, New Categories


While the now-iconic best kiss and best fight awards aren’t going anywhere, new categories this year are designed to deepen the movie-music connection. For instance,

the best music award will go to the song that is most effectively used in a scene. It's meant to honor all of those unsung music supervisors. Others will celebrate acting but not merely popularity, like best on-screen transformation, which will be handed out to the actor who disappears into a role (think Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady or Michelle Williams in My Week With Marilyn). Of course, others -- like best onscreen dirtbag -- are just meant to be fun.
But it's still MTV:
“Full-frontal male nudity was big this year,” Ignjatovic says, citing multiple 2011 films including The Hangover Part II and Michael Fassbender’s Shame. “I think we need to embrace it as a moment.”
Homorazzi has a rundown of the nominees here.

Personally, I like MTV awards show shallow and baseless. It distracts me from the real injustices in the world. Like Kimye