Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Community" Creator Dan Harmon Fired, War Between The Suits and The Creatives Wages On

Alas, our rejoicing was short-lived. As if fearing we'd underestimated their ability to FUBAR Britta a situation and only days after seeming to breathe new life into Community by renewing it for a fourth season, its creator Dan Harmon has been ousted.

From the NY Daily News:

In a plotline clumsy enough to spark a new Chevy Chase sitcom, NBC and Sony Pictures Television have parted ways with Dan Harmon, creator of "Community."

 Low-rated, but adored by a vocal core of fans, "Community" was recently renewed for a fourth season on NBC. It will air on Friday nights in the fall.

But it will be produced without Harmon. Less than a week after NBC Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt said he expected "Dan's voice to be part of the show somehow," Harmon said that will only happen if he writes a letter to NBC as a viewer.

"I got fired," he wrote on his Tumblr page.

More from Harmon on the firing at Dan Harmon Poops.


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