Monday, April 30, 2012

What Would A Workout Video by "New Girl's" Schmidt Look Like?

Thanks to Vulture, we don't have to wonder:
When Vulture's Jon DeFreest designed a cover for Cut the Schmidt, a Richard Simmons–like guide to healthy living, he and we did not imagine that such a video might ever actually come to be. It was just a small, odd Internet token of admiration. But we were thinking small, and if you know anything about Schmidt — and about Max Greenfield, the actor who plays him on New Girl — you know that he dreams on a grander scale,

especially when it comes to fitness goals. So when he saw the cover, he went and made a real workout video. With spinning! And inspirational thoughts! 
In my world those New Girl guys are fast becoming the MVP's of the 2012 sitcom season.

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  1. And how! I'd even venture that New Girl's the new Community