Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That "Mad Men" LSD Scene

As soon as I saw this I knew it would be one of the go-to scenes for anyone looking to prove Mad Men's worth and how it consistently furthers the serial drama as an art form. For those of you who roll your eyes and wonder what the fuss is about, this is it.
It's MM's ability to produce for the small screen these beautiful cinematic sequences that leave you thinking about them days later just like the best films do.

Think about the lawnmower scene, Betty and the neighbor's pigeons, poor Mrs. Blankenship and  any number of Pete Campbell moments and you realize they're like a series of twisted Norman Rockwells set in motion.

See for yourself:

Pull quote:

Bespectacled acid-touting dude: "Only awareness can make reality and only what's real can become a dream and only from a dream can you wake to the light."

Roger Sterling: "Okey dokey."

(HT: Down and Out in Beacon Hill)


  1. This was great - and Roger was so Roger even when he was on LSD. Just chill and happy when his bottle played music and his cigarette got smaller. I am glad he and Jane broke up. Tho its sad for Jane - most depth her character has had ever. Tho I have to ask who is friends with their shrink. And when did Jane get so cerebral?
    Great post!
    p.s. Yeah Betty and the pigeons scene!