Sunday, April 01, 2012

Not an April Fools Joke - Sarah Palin Will Co-Host "Today"

That fetid breeze that just hit you is the death rattle of the Today show's journalistic integrity.

I guess we're supposed to be okay with this because before Palin played a Vice-Presidential nominee on TV she played a sports anchor (HT: TVNewser):

Per Forbes' Roger Friedman NBC's stunt casting is really a hissy fit aimed at their former-darling Katie Couric who has dared to return to morning television on another network:
NBC and the “Today” show are flipping out over Katie Couric guest hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America” this week. On Tuesday, “Today” will use Sarah Palin, failed candidate for many things, to try and blunt Couric. Couric, of course, is credited or blamed with derailing Palin with a famous interview on the “CBS Evening News” in which Palin couldn’t name a newspaper she read for information. NBC is so angry that Couric–who co-hosted “Today” for years–is going to be opposing them, they’ve chosen this path. It may do them more harm than good since the average “Today” viewer is certainly not a Palin follower. She’s a Fox News creation.
You know, NBC, it's one thing to practice obvious nepotism in your news division--here's to you Luke Russert, Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton--it's another to allow a figure as categorically ignorant, incurious and frivolous as Palin anywhere near one of your flagship news programs. Who's next...Joe the Plumber, newsreader?

Also: Oprah's going to be on "CBS This Morning" even though Gayle said that would like totally not happen for like ages. Bygones.

Oooh, oooh! Important other also!: Brian Stelter at the Times nicely covers the booking-war scrum here.