Thursday, April 26, 2012

Michelle Williams Would Do a "Dawson's Creek" Reunion, Brooklyn Collectively Shakes Its Head

She's come a long way, baby.
Hey girl, wanna make me relevant again?

From Vulture:
Williams was willing to commit more fully to our questions about a possible Dawson's Creek reunion — or, at least, she was open to the idea, once we asked her about Don't Trust The B-- In Apartment 23 and told her that James Van Der Beek was willing. "He has my e-mail!" she responded, laughing. "He has my home phone, and my cell phone, so we talk … " And that means she'd do the show, if he called? "He could totally ask! I've always said, I'm totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that.
I like a girl who isn't afraid to look hipster cred in the eye and basically hawk a big Van der Beek forehead-sized loogie in it.

Do you guys think it'll ever really happen though? Consider the amount of time they'd have to spend on deprogramming Katie alone. And nevermind Tom, Suri would never allow it.