Sunday, April 01, 2012

Live from the Orange Carpet: The 2012 Kids' Choice Awards Was On Last Night


Showtracker's Geoff Boucher takes us there as he compares the scene at the Kids' Choice Awards to that other awards show. My favorite matchup was the orange carpet compared to its prestigious red counterpart:
The Carpet: The rug is red at the Oscars, but for the Kids' Choice Awards they roll out an orange carpet. Instead of Brad Pitt, the man of the hour on Saturday was Josh Hutcherson of "The Hunger Games" and (according to an unscientific measure of sidewalk screaming) is second only to Justin Bieber as the most desired boyfriend in the Clearasil nation. The Academy Awards are haute couture, Kids' Choice Awards are Hot Topic. Inane questions and comments await the celebrities walking down both carpets but there are some differences. "You look like you've grown since last year," one chipper KCAs announcer told teen heartthrob Cody Simpson. EDGE: OSCARS

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