Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Bit of Tellyphile Housekeeping and the Fred Savage Update You Didn't Know You Were Missing!

Hi, guys. Remember when you were 11 years-old and time passed in an orderly fashion? Back then it was one 30-minute or hour-long block after another--3pm's General Hospital begat Oprah at 4pm which begat Ricki Lake at 5pm until that vast 6 o'clock wasteland when there was just enough time to get homework done before The Cosby Show or The Wonder Years started.

In my ongoing quest to get my shit together I've started going to the gym after work. Between this renewed commitment to looking good naked, writing Tellyphile and my indentured servitude day job, I now have a true understanding of what adults were going on about when I was just a wee Tellyphile and they would bemoan the lack of hours in a day.

In short, sorry about the every other day posting but I can assure you, we've made some changes in the general office and daily posts shall resume effective immediately.

Now let's talk Savage...
While Paul was becoming Marilyn Manson, the kid formerly known as Kevin Arnold was evolving from puppet to puppet master producing and directing cool-kid respected television shows like the two-season gem Party Down (nicely done, Fred!) for Starz and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His latest role is executive producer of the new NBC sitcom Best Friends Forever (based soley on commercials for BFF...loved Party Down, Fred!). Listen to the full story here. (HT: NPR)

Money quote from BFF creators and stars Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham:
"We were like, wait. Fred Savage from The Wonder Years?" St. Clair remembers at their L.A offices. Parham swiftly jumps in. "We had his poster from Teen Beat, Tiger Beat on our walls as children."

"Yes, please!" exults St. Clair. "He's not one of those child stars who, like, got ugly. He's cuter now. He looks the same. Only a man."


  1. i forgot about the six-eight pm wasteland! so hard to get my homework done before the cosby show - stressful times. :)