Monday, March 12, 2012

Matt Weiner Asks Television Critics to Do Him a Solid and STFU

When critics received their Mad Men Season 5 premiere screeners there was the following diss note attached. (HT:  PopCultureBrain)
I know you are aware how strongly I feel that the viewers are entitled to have the same experience you just had. My goal every season is first and foremost to entertain the audience, and I know that this is best accomplished when key storylines are not revealed in advance. I am asking you to please join with me to ensure this enjoyment by not revealing any of these answers or other issues. ... I truly look forward to your spoiler-free thoughts and insights.  
For those of you allergic to paragraphs it reads essentially, "Fall back, son!"

A little history of Matt Weiner's love of spoiler happy critics here. Can we get Weiner to write a note to whoever's in charge of movie trailers these days? For the love of Don LaFontaine something must be done!

Thankfully, College Humor is doing their part with this thoughtful PSA (via Flavorwire):

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