Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Justin Bieber Will Host Premiere of "Punk'd" Reboot

Thankfully, Ashton Kutcher is executive producer only this time around and each episode is hosted by a different celebrity pranking a few of their famous friends. While the punking of rich famous people will certainly have its entertainment value I'll be more interested in seeing which bold-faced names are dawgs with one another. There could be some fascinating inner circles revealed.

The Biebs is up first and unfortunately there are no real surprises in his. He'll be making fools of fellow tween dreams Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift and MTV-tard Rob Drydek though punking Swifty seems redundant. Wouldn't you agree, Kanye? (Thurs, March 29 @ 10pm EST)

p.s. Speaking of Taylor and Kanye, hadn't realized there was new scuttlebutt on that front...


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