Monday, March 05, 2012

"Drive Away!" NeNe Leakes Reacts to Elephants on Safari

The epic saga that was The Real Housewives of Atlanta in South Africa has sadly reached its conclusion.
But the ladies' journey was not without its life lessons.

For example, we learned that one Housewife whose name begins with Cynthia and ends in Bailey saw the trip as an opportunity to dress thematically.  Think "teen model abroad in South Africa circa 1994" complete with Converse and tie-dye wrap around weirdness. The only problem with this of course is that our model is in her forties and it isn't 1994. But The Head Mistress of the Bailey Agency was at her South African Barbie best when she rocked micro braid pigtails.

But by far the most valuable thing we learned in South Africa is what they must not have at the Atlanta zoo:

It all plays out in the best sequence of this trilogy of episodes and features, naturally, one Linnethia Leakes. During one of the network's trademark bumpers which typically gives viewers an amuse-bouche of reality show hilarity, NeNe exclaims, "Oh my God! Have you seen an elephant in person? It is huge!"

 But the genius is the prominence producers give to her stage-whispered entreaty to the safari driver.



  1. I know. It's so great. I would posit that Nene is one of the best reality show characters ever.