Monday, March 19, 2012

Diss of the Day: Sorry, HBO. You're Out of "Luck"

PHOTO CREDIT: Gusmano Cesaretti/HBO

It certainly isn't the best of times for the heretofore untouchable TV tastemaker; the cable net cancelled their horseracing drama Luck after three horses from the production died.

Smelling blood in the water, Andy Greenwald of Grantland goes in. Read it and wince. The last two lines of this excerpt are so good and true I laughed out loud (Via PopCultureBrain):

Ever since HBO’s great unforced error, allowing Sopranos staffer Matt Weiner to take his spec script about cigarette-smoking alcoholics to upstart AMC, the network’s hour-long business has been positively bipolar. On one side, the network reaps beaucoup attention and subscriber fees from its dusty imaginarium of classed-up genre indulgences, True Blood and Game of Thrones. Both have their virtues, the latter more than the former, but their dependence on gore and sexposition hidden behind a veneer of respectable IMDb pages and Oxford accents is undeniable. (The same masturbate-and-switch is currently on display on the fiction bestseller lists, where mom-porn phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey is fem-dominating the competition.) But on the other side of things, HBO continues to doggedly green-light high-profile hours that suffocate viewers with a scrim of importance, high-mindedly high-stepping over all the little things that have traditionally attracted loyal eyeballs, like “pleasure” and “humor” and, in the case of Luck, “more than two female characters.” Treme, now headed into its third season, continues to feel more like a social justice grant than a television show, and Boardwalk Empire, blessed with a wonderful cast and remarkable production values, has never been able to provide a single compelling reason for its existence. It’s not a good show, but it’s awfully good at playing one on TV.

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