Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Discovery Channel's "Frozen Planet" Uses Penguins and Polar Bears to Make You Cry

Prepare for your reentry to the work-week grind by reminding yourself there are other species on Earth toughing it out in an incredibly hostile environment. Watch tonight's two-hour premiere of Discovery's Frozen Planet at 8pm, EST/PST (from the same team that produced Planet Earth and Life).

James Poniewozik at Tuned In writes a moving review:
Penguins stoically inhabit one of the least hospitable regions on Earth—a place that looks, really, like an alien planet—aided by no special physical might but simply persistence, adaptation and the ability to huddle in groups. They strive, they endure, they persevere. Perhaps better than any animal, they represent the absurd dignity of life, of abiding persistently in a world that is trying to kill you and will eventually succeed.
Penguins. They're just like us.