Sunday, June 12, 2011

There's Something About Britta

Tweeter I am not. According to Christy Grosz that needs to change since there's TV influence to be mined there. None other than Dan Harmon, creator of the Abed-errific"Community" (NBC), is apparently all about 140-character nuggets of TV insight:
When writer Dan Harmon learned through social media that the audience for his show "Community" was feeling less than neighborly toward one of its characters, the avid Twitterer admitted, he was influenced by the comments. 
But, aha!,
not so fast Twitverts(I know that's not a thing but let's try to make that one catch on) it looks like your attempt at mind control through microblogging has been thwarted by Harmon's contrary showrunner genius:
However, missives from his nearly 50,000 followers often don't have the effect on the show that the tweeters might have hoped. Sometimes he likes to amp up the very thing bothering the fans.

"If people are responding to a character negatively or a situation negatively, I may very well slam on that gas pedal and combine it with a different color for purposes of creating some kind of depth to the painting," Harmon (@danharmon) says.

In this case, the negative feedback that Harmon received was about community college student Britta, played by Gillian Jacobs, whom many female fans didn't see as a worthy romantic adversary for Jeff (Joel McHale). Instead of eliminating Britta's unappealing characteristics, Harmon made the fact that women don't like her an integral part of her character.
By the way, tweeting female "Community" fans, why don't you just admit that your problem with Britta has less to do with her than it does you and your skinny-attractive-blondes-named-after-water-filtration-system issues. Seriously, Britta not worthy of Jeff? Really? Have you not seen the size of his forehead?

If you didn't get that joke, you don't watch "Community". What in the name of LeVar Burton are you waiting for?


  1. Word! Community is the best sitcom on the air right now.