Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Etsy Find For Tellyphiles

I just moved to a swankier zip code (by swanky I mean you're a lot less likely to hear sirens in the background of my phone calls). I'm also paying swankier rent which sucks and makes conversation pieces like this out of my financial reach. You see, I'm busy working towards the lofty pursuit of actually owning a brand new, store-bought sofa.   

To be honest my current living room TV set isn't that far off from this "wowee" vintage Zenith my Etsy-addicted sister found and tauntingly thoughtfully brought to my attention. She writes:
Dear Sister,
So, I found this on Etsy yesterday (see link below). I thought it would be the PERFECT housewarming present, buuuuut since I don't have $100 to ship it, let alone the $375 to buy it, I decided to gift it to you in another form: you can post it on tellyphile! 
You're welcome. Don't say I never gave you anything.
And yes, feel free to quote me on the blog.
Your favorite older sister,
Dana Lindsay Greenidge
And don't say I never gave anything to you, dear tellyphiles. Send me a pic when it has a starring role at your place.


  1. dana should gamble, win $. hook you up with that telly.