Monday, June 13, 2011

As Seen on TV: Lil Wayne does MTV "Unplugged"

Everybody's talking about Lil Wayne's "Unplugged" premiere on MTV last night. You can watch each performance on demand here. Props to MTV for creating a show that has been around for more than two decades and remains relevant and unmarred (sorry, "Real World") as today's buzz proves. Check out the simplicity of the staging and the way they've immersed Wayne in the crowd.

Also, I like that the director gave us lots of chances to take Wayne in. He is such an fascinatingly weird looking hobbit of a dude when you really take the time to look at him and yet he commands the crowd like a true rock star. He's sort of like Bob Dylan in that way.  To see what I'm talking about, watch Wayne's cover of Tupac's "Hail Mary" with lots of closeups starring his insane diamond encrusted grill.

The other standout...
is the previously unreleased "Nightmares of the Bottom" from the upcoming Tha Carter IV(release date has yet again been pushed back to August 29th). Here is Wayne as philosophical wordslayer which is, of course, very Bob too.

Lyric I loved: I'm looking in my rear view, I see the world in it, I try to slow down and I get rear ended. Pause like a red light. I'm dead right? Highway to heaven, God do you see my headlights? (Hat Tip:


  1. It was awesome! Weedy a true rocker. Loved the Hail Marycover RIP 2Pac. The only thing is that his performances weren’t really “Unplugged”

  2. My favorite line from "Nightmares...": Life is a course and I'ma shoot for par.

    Wayne got deep in the big house.

  3. Home Inspector, catchy handle btw, you make a good point about Weezy's set not actually being acoustic, I started to mention it myself. There are a bunch of performances that have strayed from the original acoustic intent of Unplugged. I think for hip hop stars especially actually performing w/ a live band behind them vs a dj w/ canned beats is a step in that direction though. Don't you? Thanks for being my first commenter since getting Tellyphile back up and running. Hope to see you often!

  4. Dana, re: "Nightmares" I also love that in the setup he stresses that he wants us to hear the lyrics and for that to be the reason why you go and get the album. He got deep and sensitive too, wait until you hear his "Dear Anne". It's being billed as sequel to Em's "Stan". He picked a great name for it, don't you think?