Thursday, June 23, 2011

An American Talk Show Host in Paris: Craig Ferguson Takes His Show on the Road

Credit: Tomas Van Houtryve for The New York Times
“I hope what I do has an art to it, and as an artist you have to try new things and keep yourself entertained,”Craig Ferguson, TV artist, discusses taping his "Late Late Show" in  Paris last week with Maïa De La Baume of The Times.

"Le Late Late Show avec Craig Ferguson"(seriously, that's what they're calling it) airs the week of Aug 1st on CBS. Read more about Craig's immensely DVR-worthy week abroad here. It sounds as dope as dope gets. I can't wait!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Case You Missed It: When Olbermann Met Colbert

Thanks to Lisa De Moraes' The TV Column for the embed as I did in fact miss this enjoyable sit-down between smartly-spectacled bloviators Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann. Keith was on to plug the new Current TV reboot of  "Countdown" (premieres Mon, June 20th at 8pm EST) while Stephen happily went about his usual practice of busting balls.

I typically prefer Stewart's sarcasm to Colbert's caricature, but in this clip he's perfect, rendering Olbermann downright demure.

You know it's a worthwhile clip when the host informs his guest: "You're universally regarded as insane!"


An Etsy Find For Tellyphiles

I just moved to a swankier zip code (by swanky I mean you're a lot less likely to hear sirens in the background of my phone calls). I'm also paying swankier rent which sucks and makes conversation pieces like this out of my financial reach. You see, I'm busy working towards the lofty pursuit of actually owning a brand new, store-bought sofa.   

To be honest my current living room TV set isn't that far off from this "wowee" vintage Zenith my Etsy-addicted sister found and tauntingly thoughtfully brought to my attention. She writes:
Dear Sister,
So, I found this on Etsy yesterday (see link below). I thought it would be the PERFECT housewarming present, buuuuut since I don't have $100 to ship it, let alone the $375 to buy it, I decided to gift it to you in another form: you can post it on tellyphile! 
You're welcome. Don't say I never gave you anything.
And yes, feel free to quote me on the blog.
Your favorite older sister,
Dana Lindsay Greenidge
And don't say I never gave anything to you, dear tellyphiles. Send me a pic when it has a starring role at your place.

Monday, June 13, 2011

As Seen on TV: Lil Wayne does MTV "Unplugged"

Everybody's talking about Lil Wayne's "Unplugged" premiere on MTV last night. You can watch each performance on demand here. Props to MTV for creating a show that has been around for more than two decades and remains relevant and unmarred (sorry, "Real World") as today's buzz proves. Check out the simplicity of the staging and the way they've immersed Wayne in the crowd.

Also, I like that the director gave us lots of chances to take Wayne in. He is such an fascinatingly weird looking hobbit of a dude when you really take the time to look at him and yet he commands the crowd like a true rock star. He's sort of like Bob Dylan in that way.  To see what I'm talking about, watch Wayne's cover of Tupac's "Hail Mary" with lots of closeups starring his insane diamond encrusted grill.

The other standout...

As Seen On TV: "I Believe" from "The Book of Mormon" on the 2011 Tony Awards

Preparing to watch Romney tap dance in the first Republican debate on CNN tonight--"Yes, I did usher in a healthcare system in Massachusetts that bears a striking resemblance to Obamacare, but hear me out, my Tea Party babies, I can explain."--I am reminded of another outstanding performance featuring a Mormon character from last night's Tony Awards.

Watch Best Leading Actor in a Musical-nominee Andrew Rannells as the perfectly earnest Elder Price singing "I Believe" from "The Book of Mormon" below:

When TV Stars Give Commencement Speeches: Conan O'Brien, Amy Poehler and Brian Williams

"One of the reasons it's so tough finding work is that aging baby boomers refuse to leave their jobs. Trust me on this. Even when they promise you for five years that they are going to leave and say it on television...there is no guarantee they won't come back. Of course I'm speaking generally."

"I learned a hard but profound lesson last year and I have to share it with you. In 2000 I told graduates don't be afraid to fail. Well now I'm here to tell you that though you should not fear failure, you should do your very best to avoid it. Nietzsche famously said that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. What he failed to that it almost kills you."(Hat Tip: Vulture)

More funny and touching Class of 2011 commencement speeches by Amy Poehler and Brian Williams after the jump...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

There's Something About Britta

Tweeter I am not. According to Christy Grosz that needs to change since there's TV influence to be mined there. None other than Dan Harmon, creator of the Abed-errific"Community" (NBC), is apparently all about 140-character nuggets of TV insight:
When writer Dan Harmon learned through social media that the audience for his show "Community" was feeling less than neighborly toward one of its characters, the avid Twitterer admitted, he was influenced by the comments. 
But, aha!,

Monday, June 06, 2011

Whatchutalkinbout, Willis?

“I never wanted to compete with her...because no one could." - Katie Couric, discussing how Oprah's departure figured into her decision to add daytime talk show host to her television resume.  (Hat Tip: Bill Carter, NY Times)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Robert Pattinson Said "F*#ck" and Other Things on the "MTV Movie Awards"

And I promise as soon as everyone catches up to me and posts video of it, you'll find it here.

The best part is unlike Kanye, I don't think he was drunk at all. He was supposed to be giving Reese Witherspoon a Lifetime Achievement Award of golden popcorn for this year's "MTV Movie Awards". After Patrick Dempsey's earnest intro, Pattinson took over by awkwardly attempting a joke about how after Reese had his part cut from the movie "Vanity Fair" seven years ago in which Reese played his mother, he was now starring in "Water for Elephants" with her.

"I didn't cut you from the movie," he said, "but I did fuck you." Yes!

There was an effort to bleep the potty-mouthed Pale One, but alas MTV censors were a second too late. The collective celebrity jaw drop made it a wonderful live television moment. It's celebs-gone-rogue incidents like this that keep MTV award shows worth watching when you're old over a certain age. By certain age I'm referring to whatever age you are when the sight of Justin Bieber rocking a weird blue blazer and lil lesbian Lemon Tree haircut (seriously, what's going on w/ the hair? Justin B, call Justin Timbs. He can help you w/ your teen idol hair transitions) doesn't dampen your panties.

From there it only got more incredible weirder as we delved deeper into the Pattinson twilight zone. Rob clearly got his American basic cable channels mixed up and thought he was at a Comedy Central roast. He went on to divulge Reese's philosophy regarding tequila shots (she taught him they're like Lay's potato chips you see, you can't have just one) and that she's 33% lesbo for some unnamed female celeb.

Through all of this the third presenter of Reese's award, E! late night host and apparent Reese bestie Chelsea Handler, stood gobsmacked to borrow a Brit turn of phrase. I'm sure she couldn't believe her comedic good luck. Monday's "Chelsea Lately" should be good. I might actually watch.

"Treme's" Top Chef Treatment

Credit: Paul Schiraldi/HBO
In case the "foodie inside baseball" on HBO's "Treme" this season went over your Big Mac-consuming head, Kathryn Shattuck for the NY Times has all the deets.

The man overseeing this cool marriage between the world of NYC's high-end cuisine and one of television's most ambitious dramatic shows is a familiar culprit, naughty chef/scribe Anthony Bourdain. It is Bourdain who had the pull to get rockstar chefs Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert and David Chang to play themselves in an episode of "Treme's" first season and bring them back again for season two.

A cute quote from the piece comes from Mr. Momofoku himself, chef David Chang, as he relates his newfound respect for Tom Cruise:
But what really makes this piece a must-read for tellyphiles are the lovely TV nerd details about the production design.

Production Designer Chester Kaczenski is the badass responsible for insane attention to detail like historically recreating some of New York City's Top Chef-iest spots Le Benardin, and member restaurants of Craft and Momofoku. I love the obsessiveness of recreating something circa 2006 and 2007 when the Treme character would have worked there. Kaczenski even cast the chefs who prepared the food used in the scenes as chef extras. How does your little tellyphile heart not skip a beat at that? That's beautiful.

A Mario Lopez Special Comment

Credit: People

I'm watching the finale of "America's Best Dance Crew". Don't judge me. They're on before tonight's "MTV Movie Awards". Sigh, don't judge me.

I just had to publicly marvel at how fucking tight Mario Lopez's ensem is. I like a fitted jean on a man, but wowsers, even the dimples on this guy look like they're two sizes too small for him.

And this should go without saying but...Jabbawockeez fo life ya'll!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

As Seen on TV: The Head and The Heart on Fallon

Gives you that "I'm finally free!" Friday morning feeling, no? (I'm sort of French in the morning)
(Hat tip to TheAudioPerv for the embed)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TellyPhile Themesong Throwback: Oprah Finale Edition

Which was your favorite to sing along to?

Not exactly a themesong but definitely a throwback. I wish they'd kept this one. This is one of my favorite logos, right up there with "Sit Ubu, Sit. Good dog."

The Oprah Show Finale - "A Yellow Brick Road of Blessings"

(And the return of TellyPhile)

I've started and stopped this post five times already. Part of the problem is I haven't done this in a while (hello Reader, stay a while, your old chair is waiting.) but even more than that I'm completely overwhelmed by how to write about the last episode of the show that raised me.

No matter how hard I try, I can't make it real. All week there's been this feeling. It's made of a vague sense of dread but mostly dreamlike disbelief. It's related to the feeling you have when you graduate or what a wedding day must feel like, a birth and the ultimate inevitability--death. Everyone's agreed that this day is the day. You know it's coming because that damned calendar keeps shedding its pages, but you don't really believe that after the date passes it will mean the end of one of the seasons of your life and that an irrevocable change has come.

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