Friday, July 24, 2009

TellyPhile Themesong Throwback

I'm really taking it back this week. For some reason as soon as I started to search for today's themesong, one word came to mind--Thundercats! It must be some sort of recessive programming hibernating in my brain since the 80's kicking in. As I watched the clip I was reminded of how much I wanted that sword. Didn't you want the sword??!!

And is it me, or did our cartoons have a badass quality to them that's lacking in cartoons today? To be honest, I'm trying to think of the cartoons on TV today that I'm actually aware of and I'm only coming up with SpongeBob. This may require research I'm unwilling to pursue.

But isn't it safe to assume that everything we (people born circa 1978) came up with had a little more edge to it? Today they rubberize playgrounds for goodness sake. When I was wee, it was a rite of passage to get hit by a swing. Keep in mind, our swings were basically fast-moving, thick metal bars on chains. Shout out to the BX, a borough whose motto should go something like, "If it doesn't kill you, what are you complaining about?"

Thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS!!!!