Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wendy Wigs Out

"The Wendy Williams Show" returns to daytime TV on July 13th. Howyoudoin?? I'm counting the days as Wendy is my favorite ribald radio host (Sorry, Howard). Speaking of bald...Wen is famously wigalicious. During one episode last summer, she even went so far as to tuck her show notes underneath her synthetic tresses. Knowing this, I was hardly surprised to read in the NYT that when you're Wendy Williams, there's a wig for every occasion:
Of course there is little about the statuesque Ms. Williams that is under wraps; there is even a taxonomy to her hairpieces. “Ones that might be thinning a bit because they’re older, I wear those if I’m outside washing my car in the driveway,” she said. “Then you have a gym wig — a gym wig and a Target wig are the same thing — and the ones I wear to the mall on the weekend with my family.”

There is what she calls an “airport-schlepping wig” and a shorter one she reserves for days out with her son, Kevin, 8. “You can’t be flinging long fake hair around at a birthday party,” she said with a deep laugh. Most important, lately, are her show wigs: the piles of blond upon blond — “they weigh three times as much as a regular wig”

Proof Letterman is Cooler than Conan

For the duration of the publicity tour for "Bruno"--including a visit to Conan's "Tonight Show", Sacha Baron Cohen only appeared in character as Bruno.That is, until he went on Dave and gave us a rare glimpse of the himself sans the shtick.


Part 2:

Monday, July 06, 2009

As Seen on TV: Regina Spektor on GMA

Here's RS singing the first single from her new album "Far". It's called "Laughing With". Sam Champion's gushy introduction is an amusing bonus. It's always interesting to see TV personalities who normally preside over less organic acts (Miley Cyrus comes to mind) marvel over the existence of something with a little more depth to it.

I've also located a really nice appearance of hers from an NPR show called Soundcheck that I heard in the car a few weeks ago. She does a number of tracks from the album live in-studio, discusses her mindset while writing the new album, and being a New Yorker among other things. Yes, it's radio and not television, but a good tellyphile is a well-rounded tellyphile.