Friday, July 03, 2009

That "Mad Men" Logo

There are a lot of things to love about AMC's "Mad Men", which will be coming back to us August 16th--we do the dance of joy! Matthew Weiner and company have created one of the most beautifully designed and written anthropology lessons ever to grace the small screen. Not since "The Wonder Years" has a show made me stop and think what it must have been like to be human during a point in American history that chronologically wasn't so far away, but culturally may as well have been ancient Rome.

And then there's that instant classic and apparently oft parodied, check out a really funny Homer Simpson version here, show open that ends with the back of Don Draper's silhouette. As is usually the case with MM, via a recent interview Weiner gave to Rolling Stone, we learn it isn't there just because it's a pretty picture.
The graphics people who did the opening titles, they're the ones who said this is the image. It's the iconography of Movie Hero or Leading Man, but Don Draper is a disaster inside. And that's what that pose was about and that's what the show was about. You'll notice that in "The Jet Set" when Don's figuring out who he really is out in California, there's a shot that's a mirror image of that iconography, except Don is naked, sitting on the couch.

TellyPhile Themesong Throwback...Sort Of

Though this isn't exactly the Soul Train themesong you'll remember, take one look at the afros, excuse me "naturals", and you know fo' sho that this is a bonafide throwback. Don Cornelius' halo of hair is wondrous.

What follows is in fact an impromptu ode to ST by one Stevie Wonder, backed by who else?, the Soul Train Dancers.