Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ten Minutes Until Nerd Prom

Us non DC A-listers will be able to watch the White House Correspondents' Dinner tonight at 8pm EST on CSPAN. Reasons to watch include:

Comedian-in-Chief Wanda Sykes. Past hosts have used this night as an opportunity to hit the POTUS with major grease. Tonight, Sykes is going to have to figure out how to roast the notoriously difficult to gig on President Poutier without pulling any punches.

Michelle's dress. Sleeves in DC are so yesterday.

Obama will get a chance to make fun of the press that covers him and I love when he does that dry little laugh to himself.

And is CSPAN covering the red carpet? Because in that case, we might catch a glimpse of Ed Westwick sucking it in and striking a pose.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

All in the (Bravo) Family with Bethenny and Isaac

Let's play getting to know your newest Bravo host. I've brought the visual aid thanks to Bravo's website where they oh so thoughtfully posted this entertaining clip of Bethenny and newest Bravo family member "The Fashion Show" host Isaac Mizrahi. They totally make love to one another telephonically.

A few things: B's hair looks great. Franco or whatever his name is really worked her weave for her that day. I love their discussion of Jill's perception of homosexuality and Isaac's appreciation for the fabulosity of the Housewives. That's what's so cool about Isaac. He's not too cool for school despite being one of fashion's coolest kids. Oh, and his Luann impression is dead on (even though he calls her de Seppes--heh). On second thought, her voice may be a little deeper. Just kidding, LuLu! I love, I love.

Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis: Elizabeth Edwards on "Oprah"

Women need to have more respect for other women.

-- Elizabeth Edwards on "Oprah" making a very good point in response to Oprah's question about whether Mrs. Edwards blamed "other woman" Reille Hunter for having an affair with John.

Kate Gosselin, Big Balls in Tow, Visits "Today"

I haven't posted anything on the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" affair stuff because I find it all to be one big downer from a TellyPhile perspective. I used to love, love, love, this show. Kate was amazing and good looking even with questionable streaks and that Lisa Simpson thing going on in the back. Jon, god bless 'em, was always a trooper, loving Kate in spite of her abrasive ways. Ah, life was good at Casa Gosselin. They didn't have much, but they had love...and hand sanitizer.

Then came fame and Jon was getting hair plugs and Kates hair was getting weirder and streakier and the show ceased to be about their real life and was more "life now that we've got a TV show with lots of opportunities for product placement". I think I knew it was over when they did that music video. Didn't you? Agreed. 

Ok, so I was ignoring all of the tabloid stuff, attempting to be a good, above-the-fray kind of blogger. Then Kate had to go on the "Today" show. If I were you--yes, all ten of you out there--I'd want to see this because it's not just gross Us Weekly bullshiz, but coming straight from Kate herself. I've got to give it to her. She's got balls. Jon? Not so much. He was supposed to be on but made Meredith read a statement that you know Kate dictated to him the night before instead. Sigh. The Gosselins' sippy-cupped, organized existence was a nice escape from my unorganized one and proof that people do want to watch wholesome, family oriented reality TV when it's the genuine article. Unfortunately, that's been shat upon. The "J & K Plus 8" brand has clearly suffered irreperable damage. At least it looks like she's growing out those Lisa Simpson spikes though, right? Glass half full, people! Glass half full!

More "Fashion Show" Reax

The NYT piles on.
Bravo had every reason to feel thwarted, but lingering spite infects the mood of its knockoff. It turns out that unlike a rose or Prince in the days when he went by the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, a design competition by any other name is not nearly as sweet.
It doesn't get much better from there. Warning: If you don't like spoilers, wait until after "The Fashion Show" airs (Bravo tonight at 10pm) to read the full review.

How's that Fallon Kid Doing?

The Wall Street Journal reports, pretty good. Prettay, prettaay prettaaay good. Sorry about that. Suffering from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" withdrawal.

Also, there's this annoying tidbit about The Leno's plans for his 10pm spot.

NBC and Mr. Leno are still working out what shape Mr. Leno's new comedy show will take when it premieres in the fall. The network's Mr. Ludwin says a bigger set will allow Mr. Leno to do more stunts, such as indoor car races. He also says the current plan is for the last segment of each episode to be a "signature comedy piece" to encourage viewers to stay tuned to the end.

Indoor car races and closing gimmicks"signature comedy pieces." He must hoard the lame in his chin.

Bravo's "The Fashion Show" A Total "Runway" Knockoff

"The Fashion Show" premieres tonight on Bravo. I'm expecting this to be like getting used to drinking Diet Coke, or methadone after years of chasing the dragon for you junkie smackaholic types. The LA Times confirms as much with their review:

They have essentially re-accessorized the earlier show while leaving its basic elements intact: Small challenge. Elimination challenge. Elimination. Repeat weekly until won. (Of course, this also describes a dozen other shows now running.) Its good points are nearly all repeated from "Runway," while its faults are rooted in an attempt to seem different. There are perhaps too many additional features and segments and judges here, getting in the way of the story. The show is, basically, overdressed.
Why couldn't the thing they copied from "Runway" be having the perfect female host. Heidi Klum was so fierce and fabulous. Bravo decides to follow her with...Kelly Rowland? Cricket cricket.

Kelly seems like a very sweet girl, but this is fashion! The audience doesn't want sweet we want devastatingly diva. K only recently stopped looking like Scooby Doo's cousin and those Destiny's Child outfits. Ugh. I shudder just thinking about the overembellishment. Luckily, I love Isaac Mizrahi. He was hilarious on his Oxygen show and is a big enough personality that he may be able "to make it work", questionable co-host or not.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Paula Abdul's Brittany Impression on "Idol"

I'm not sure what I've just witnessed. It was supposed to be a Paula Abdul performance on "American Idol". Instead, there was a tutu and Paula Abdul doing a damn near spot on Brit impression. I know she's a judge and so they pretty much had to do it, but you have to give it up to the shamelessness of commercialism. On a show where so much emphasis is put on singing ability, their judge didn't bother to belt out one live note.

Clearly P spilled the beans about being a pill popper to Ladies Home Journal just so everyone would be impressed by the fact that she had her wig on straight and managed not to fall on her face as she made her way down the Seacrest Stairway of Death tonight. It didn't help matters that Gwen and the rest of No Doubt came out after the commercial break and owned it. True, her vocals didn't sound that great but it was an actual live performance and Gwen made up for vocal ho-humnity in other ways, like pushups. Seriously. And they weren't even the girly kind. Plus Adrian the drummer was also wearing a tutu this evening. He did that better than Paula too.

Kelly from "The Office" Is Getting Her Own Show

OMG OMG OMG!!!! This could totally be the "Office" spinoff we've been waiting all our lives for. Sorry, Amy Poehler.

Via Popwatch, the word is Mindy Kaling's got a development deal. Hopefully, her character will resemble the irrepressibly mancrazy valley girl Kelly Kapur. Either way, I have a feeling we're in for funny in large doses. Network hacks, don't fuck this up. And now, Kelly being Kelly:

The Curious Case of Zachary Quinto

Photo credit:

I can't decide whether to loathe this guy or develop a crush on him. He's been on "Heroes" for some time and now he wants us to go see him play Spock in the new Star Trek movie. Check him out in these clips from Letterman and Ellen. And let's meet up afterward to discuss the particulars.

His hair. It's surprisingly versatile. On Letterman it was slick and very evening appropriate. For daytime "Ellen" his do was decidedly more playful. I like a guy who knows when to muss and when to button up.
His eyebrows are a little too well manscaped for my liking. Understandably tricky territory coming off the Spock look, but they needn't be so effing perfect.
He's very articulate. Yes, things have gotten so bad for grammar in 2009 that it's even noteworthy when a white guy speaks well.
Use of the term "for reals." Even in jest, that's a lot to overlook.
He correctly handled the obligatory "dance with Ellen" part of his walk-out. As Chris Matthews learned this can be quite the booby trap. Well done, Zachary-San.
Sorry, Zachary. The skinny jeans that your little dance so prominently displayed are going to cost you.
He's happy to be there. Isn't it lovely when someone is so new to fame that they aren't yet pissed about being forced to tell stupid anecdotes to a total stranger while people watch? I think so. As a frame of reference, his jovial forebears include Matt and Ben. The polar opposite--Kristen Stewart.
It's possible to be a little too "on". He comes dangerously close to this line.
He's an animal person! Cat and dog. (cat named harold and dog named noah)
Hipster pet names (a cat named Harold?...yeesh)

So, I was going to say that it looked like a draw and whether I liked him or not would have to depend on one's mood and tolerance for "cute" when he happens to beam himself into your living room. Then I made the mistake of discovering his website. I always make the mistake of learning too much. Bygones.

Oh "Early Show," Even Levi Johnston Can't Make You Worth Watching

Since they couldn't score their own Bristol Palin interview (she was on "GMA" and "Today" this morning), CBS' "Early Show" tried to do everything they could to make it look as if their chat with America's favorite babydaddy Levi would have him spitting hot fire against his former flame.

Sorry, Maggie Rodriguez. No amount of sensational "War of Words" headlines you throw under his face is going to change the fact that for an Alaskan redneck, Levi was downright gentlemanly towards Bristol. The worst thing he admits is that they didn't always use condoms and Tyra totally got that scoop ages ago. Poor "Early Show" I guess you're the perpetual third place finisher for a reason.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Regarding Silex's Recently Renovated Apartment

Nice try you two, but as an avid "True Blood" watcher, I know a vampire nest when I see one.

Ed Westwick Redeems Himself

Ed Westwick, that's Mr. Chuck Bass to "Gossip Girl" fans, cleans up his act to attend the Met's Costume Gala. Now that's change I can believe in. 
Blake Lively and Leighton Meester attended the same event, though the results weren't quite as successful. At least, HuffPo doesn't think so. Frankly, we've seen Blake look a lot worse. Blonde Leighton has me reeling. The makeup is flawless. I'm not convinced her dress is "worst" worthy. At least not from mid-thigh and above. It's all very disconcerting. 
B...are you in there? 

Monday, May 04, 2009

As Seen on TV: No Doubt on the "Today" Show

Dear Katy Perry,
Take notes. This is how you wear too much makeup well.

No Doubt is as visually stimulating as I remember them. Three cheers for the "Today" Summer Concert Series and long overdue band reunions. Oh, and the uber-chic black and white coordinating ensems?
B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (For their other performances and their interview, click here.)

And because it's fun to see how it used to be, here's No Doubt singing "Spiderwebs" on Letterman circa 1996. Yes, that's me. Your friendly television anthropologist: