Friday, April 24, 2009

"Gossip Girl's" Leighton Meester, Musically Inclined Multi-Tasker

From Billboard via TVtattle comes word that "Gossip Girl's" Leighton Meester has landed herself a record deal. I heard her mention something about this during an interview and of course she plays a pop star on "Entourage" so I'm merely raising an eyebrow for now. Feel free to sing your little heart out, Leighton. Just don't embarrass us. I'm going to be pissed if Blair Waldorf's cool quotient takes a hit for this.

Oh no, the loss of cool is already happening. Link is to Leighton singing in what is clearly a really quality movie from her past called "Drive Thru." L and the rest of the girl band are like a sad, late 90s version of Jem and the Holograms. The voice isn't terrible though. Notice Penn Badgley's name is also in the credits. I think we've just stumbled upon our next guilty-pleasure rental.

Her Name is Lyuba

Hey, remember that time you saw a baby mammoth? Me neither! Let's do something about it.

National Geographic Channel (that's NatGeo if you have no attention span or you drink Red Bull) has a new documentary, "Waking the Baby Mammoth," which takes us along as scientists study baby Lyuba "the most perfectly preserved wooly mammoth ever discovered." Airs this Sunday, the 26th at 9pm EST.

Afterward, let's meet back here so we can share our newly acquired baby mammoth memories. Le sigh.

TellyPhile ThemeSong Throwback!

Back when Sesame Street was keeping it real.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

As Seen on (Vintage) TV: Aretha on "The Cliff Richard Show"

The Queen sings one of my favorite "getting ready for the day" songs. How great is that natural?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Truly Is an Oasis

The closing minutes of the worthwhile HBO documentary "In the Shadow of the Moon" is a perfect tribute to Earth on its day. These testimonies, from the only men to have visited the Moon and contemplate our little orb from a distance, are what great TV and Earth Day are all about.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The NYT Meets Countess Luann, They Don't Seem Impressed

Tonight's new "Real Housewives of New York" episode looms in our near future. Remember, Kellamity throws a costume party and doesn't show up for it giving Bethenny another opportunity to let loose with the "oh no she di'int's!!!" 

I can't wait.

In the meantime, here's an appetizer. The New York Times ponders the existence of our Luann:
She knows a few things about breeding and tact, Mrs. de Lesseps said, “compared to the other girls” on the series. Oops! “But of course,” she amended, “I love them to death.” On the air she has been quick to distance herself from her chums. The de Lesseps, she said pointedly, “don’t mingle with the other housewives.”

Joe Bua Makes Your "Heroes" Dreams Come True

I don't watch "Heroes" but if you do, you must click here. Joe Bua (the man behind another great TV blog, IamATVJunkie) scored an impressive behind-the-weird interview with David Lawrence, the man who plays the puppeteer, to discuss his central role in "Heroes" upcoming webisodes.

Perez vs. Miss California: Round Two

With Matt Lauer as referee.

It's really frustrating that she's trying to fashion herself as Joan of Arc with teeth whitener. Especially annoying is the part where she says she won't apologize for being politically incorrect because she was being "biblically correct". I wish Matt had reached over and given her a gill.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry guys, I goofed and gave you the wrong clip. This is the correct one featuring Matt Lauer's interview with Perez followed by Carrie Prejean. (Thanks, Suzanne!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

A 17 Year-Old Billionaire with Tremendous Stamina

That's right, TellyPhiles. "Gossip Girl" and Chuck Bass in stellar form, as the clip below demonstrates, return tonight at 8pm EST on The CW. As if I had to tell you. You know I know you know. This was for other people.  XOXO

Mr. Drummond, You're Creeping Me Out

Via Andrew Sullivan, the power of music on television. This is brilliant.

Weather Kicks Ass!

I've never smoked marijuana, but I've watched people pretend to on TV. In the spirit of brutal honesty I would never engage in outside of the Internet, I confess to being pretty intolerant of potheads in the past. The annoying lingo, the white people dreadlocks, HACKEY SACKS--ugh. But my "21 Jumpstreet" stance has softened over time.

These days I prefer to focus on the things we have in common--too much television, too much ice cream, and too much Dave Matthews.

So this is me acknowledging your little pot holy day, and attempting to relate to you people. It's not like I've never been high. There was that unfortunate far out Benadryl overdose. Bygones.

Ellen Pompeo to Pack on Pounds for New Role

She's going to be a mommy (People via TV tattle)! Knowing skinny mini Ellen, she probably won't get fat at all, but it's fun fantasizing about it, no? The article also outs "Little Grey" Chyler Leigh. They say she's  knocked up with her third. No one knows yet whether this will figure into the Mer Der shenanigans on "Grey's".

In the meantime, I've decided (within the confines of this post) to look at new experiences as teachable moments. With that in mind, here's a little piece of congratulatory and passive agressive instructional song making for my pregnant friends Ellen and Chyler.

After all, we wouldn't want to upset the harmonious on-set atmosphere "Grey's Anatomy" is famous for with pregnant smugtitude would we, ladies? Now, sing along!

Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis?

Think of my vagina as a vase. If you've had sex with me, it's time to send flowers.
                    -- Bethenny Frankel, giving her rules for dating on last week's "The Real Housewives of NYC".

Paul Rudd Still Down to Earth, As Evidenced by the Planet He's Wearing

Earth Day isn't for two more days, but this clip (via Tapeworthy) of Paul "Dreamy Eyes" Rudd on "Sesame Street" couldn't wait. Especially because of Mr. Rudd's mildly inappropriate Billy Idol lipcurl. And also because Monday mornings need all the help they can get.

Enjoy, TellyPhiles! (And Happy Early Recession-Era Birthday present, Suzanne. Mmmwah!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Would Have Run Up Onstage and Snatched That Tiara Off Her Head!

Perez Hilton responds to the Miss USA Q&A destined for YouTube infamy.

Miss California Tells Perez Hilton He Can't Get Married

Flipping through channels during the first commercial break of Fox's "Sit Down, Shut Up" premiere and inadvertently channel surfed into a big pile of awkward. Don't you just love it when that happens?

The awkward in question came during the Q&A segment of the Miss USA pageant. No surpise there, huh, Miss Teen South Carolina? Anygay, Perez Hilton was a pageant judge and the openly-gay uberblogger asked Miss California to share her thoughts on Vermont's recent legalization of gay marriage. First she said something about how some people want same sex marriage and other people want "opposite marriage"--umm yeah, incomprehensible but not yet intolerant.

That would come in the next breath. Miss California let her bigot shine as bright as the California sunshine saying she'd been raised in a household where marriage was between a man and a woman, "no offense"--and she believes that's how it should stay. The crowd applauded reacted loudly and Miss California triumphantly strode back to her assigned spot on stage.

I'm not the only fan of incredibly uncomfortable television moments. The director kept the camera on Perez as his face acquired a politely pissed look that said, "you're not getting my vote, bitch."

I can't wait to see what he draws on her face tomorrow.

UPDATE: It's already on YouTube. Not best quality but it'll do!