Friday, March 20, 2009

TellyPhile ThemeSong Throwback!

Give in to it now because you will definitely be humming this one to yourself all day. All great theme songs are a mild form of mind control. I've made my peace with it. You should too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Case You Missed It: John Oliver Induced Hilarity

One British pretend newsman and a microphone + inebriated bank collapse talk from the drunk losers at the St.Patrick's Day parade = a new alternative to CNBC.

The New Class of Clooneys?

Photo credit: T Magazine

T Magazine's Lynn Hirschberg notices that with Clooney getting greyer by the minute, Hollywood is the latest American town being overrun by an immigrant workforce. Damn you, Clive Owen!

Just before she calls Lou Dobbs, she remembers that bountiful cradle of Depps, Clooneys, and Washingtons-To-Be called television and starts scouting. Her findings include those signature Times screen tests (most notably of Eric Dane, Joshua Jackson and Gaius Charles). So quietly sexy. It's a shame they aren't scratch 'n sniff.

Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis?

I remember on our wedding night, I told Simon, 'Please take care of my heart, because you have it now.' And he always has.
-- Alex McCord Van Kempen, "The Real Housewives of NYC".

The Big Apple ReWis are owning Bravo's tri-city franchise. The ATL cast, while fun in its dirtay South way, got just a tad too Maury in the end. Word on the street is, most of them don't even have the bank to fulfill the ReWi pre-req of being obnoxiously wealthy. Then there's the original OC cast, who definitely have the money, but suffered from an emotional deficit this time around. They were overripe versions of their former flawed-but-fun selves in a nasty season that saw Geana's passive agressive enabling coming back to haunt her, Vicki and Tamara's ugly, aging meangirl routine, and the addition of Gretchen the Merry Almost-Widow. After all that ew, the NYC's LOL-laden season is the Baby Bear to my Goldilocks.