Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doppelganger Alert: Kelly Bensimon's Got a MiniMe

The picture speaks for itself. Meet Kara, a 19 year-old Indiana native, who will be one of the hopelessfuls on "America's Next Top Model" when it premieres on Sept 9th. At long last, Kelly Bensimon has a solution to that whole pesky aging thing. She could totally start shooting herself up with Kara's bone marrow or something. It's bound to do more for KB then those chemical peels are. Agreed?

Fingers crossed that Kara will be as crazy and feisty as the original model. Last cycle's ANTM never did it for me and the sagging ratings indicate I wasn't the only one. The aging series could use a little Karazy (see Bethenny, I can do it too!)--from someone other than Tyra I mean. Check out the rest of the 5'7" and under flock here.


  1. So.. Are you still alive? We're bored over here.

  2. No news on Gary Coleman??? I call conspiracy on this blog