Friday, July 31, 2009

TellyPhile Themesong Throwback!

I didn't remember Miss Molly, the Magic Mirror-wielding host of "Romper Room" during the 1980s when I was being made into a person, as being built very much like Janet Reno.

I did remember that she was TV's best kindergarten teacher ever. This is proven by how adept she is at unscripted banter with a pack of yogurt-fueled four year olds. Also, shout out to white tights with party dresses and to the little girl that comes in late and hides her face in Miss Molly's skirt as she's personally greeted with an enthusiastic "Come on in. How are ya?! Welcome to Romper Room!" by Miss Molly. We were always late and surely, that would have been my fate had I been lucky enough to secure a spot on RR.


p.s. - Molly mentions that they're going to have fun on their highsteppers. Remember those? I do because we never had shit in our house to make them out of, or apparently a willing adult around to help us procure the items needed...ahem...MOM.

Thankfully, we're adults now and can make historical wrongs right. You have the power to make your own stilts thanks to this handy step by step tutorial over at craft blog Zakka Life. And if you have kids of your own, here's your chance to break the stiltless cycle. Bygones.