Friday, July 31, 2009

Martha Introduces Us to Crack Pie & Cereal Milk...Mmmm

"The View" had Constantine from "American Idol" on today. I was entranced watching the interview segment because he looks like a nerdy vampire and that intrigues me. When it came time for him to start singing however, I ran for the hills. By "ran" I mean listlessly reached for my remote and by "hills" I mean the only other show worth watching at 11am, "The Martha Stewart Show." 

Today's Martha was a rerun, but I'd never seen it before. This is probably a good thing since it was all about this wondrous hipster bakery called Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC and being that this is well within my reach I'd weigh about 400lbs by now feasting on such "how could you do this to me?" masterpieces of death by caloric intake as something they've dubbed "crackpie" and fudge brownie soft serve. Crack pie's ingredients consist solely of sugar, milk and eggs and it's so goopy you don't even need to slice it but can just scoop it out with a spoon(!) as demonstrated by chefs Christina Tosi and David Chang.

Even better than that though is the fact that Momofuku sells something called cereal milk which is exactly what you think it is--milk that's imbibed with the essence of cornflakes. They explain how it's done, as well as how to make crack pie in this clip oh so helpfully provided by foodie blog Eat Me Daily. It's the most exciting thing I've seen all day.

There may be some of you who roll your eyes at this. Clearly you aren't a New Yorker. New Yorkers loooove shit like this. When you can pay money for something sort of ridiculous and indulgent AND made with organic milk from a local farm at a place with an asian name that almost sounds like they're saying something about your momma that also calls itself a "milk bar"--whatever that is--it makes our nipples hard. Truly.

Martha went on to make Momofuku's blueberry and cream cookies, which are essentially blueberry muffin tops in cookie form. I KNOW!, in studio with head chef Christina Tosi. You know a pastry chef has come to bring the pain when her cookie recipe includes straight up glucose. That's some hardcore cookie making. Watch.

The NY Times take on Momofuku Milk Bar.


  1. crack pie?? It sounds really good... It seems that you new yorkers have not changed, to make things so much more fundamental good because you think it is unique cause of where it is a "type" of thing. Sounds like you still have a way with words... no surprise there....Just busting your balls....Hi from the mountians....