Thursday, July 30, 2009

Exactly How Bad Is It Getting at MSNBC?

There are those of you that actually have jobs, and so you're not at home as I am this afternoon to witness the latest journalistic integrity FAIL by MSNBC. There is, I kid you not, a "Beer Summit" countdown clock complete with a tri-beer mug graphic currently being displayed on the network's lower right hand corner.

As if that isn't ew-worthy enough, they've continued to opt out of having an actual reporter fill in for David Schuster alongside Tamron Hall to co-anchor their afternoon newshour. MSNBC is sticking with smarmy Hamptons barnacle and F.O.T. (Friend of Trump) Donnie Douche Deutsch (pictured above partying it up Hamptons-style) to play anchor at the desk.

First of all, Donnie D. barely qualifies as a television personality (he's host of the CNBC gabber "The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch"), and they're crossing the line like this and making him a news anchor? But shouldn't he have umm...what's the word...oh right, credentials??!! Deutsch is a former ad man and bon vivant that likes to be on TV. This afternoon, Deutsch is really getting into the act, apparently challenging Larry King for the title of "Creepiest Use of Suspenders on a Cable News Broadcast."

Sigh. Cronkite is surely spinning Taz-style at this latest affront.