Thursday, July 30, 2009

As Seen on TV: The Maturation of Maxwell

I don't know how you spell "fine", but my version starts with "Max" and ends in "well".

Absent for close to a decade, he's been making the rounds lately to promote his highly-anticipated album "BLACKsummers'night." Luckily for fans, "BLACK" is the first of a trilogy with "SUMMERS" and "NIGHT" to follow respectively.

I watched him on Letterman recently performing "Pretty Wings" and was struck by what a full-fledged man Maxwell has become. Gone was the reed-like guy with a lion's mane of an afro that we first knew him by when he came out of nowhere and sent us swooning during the mid-nineties with a suite of songs that was an ode to courtship and making love.

Maxwell returns to us with his age showing and it suits him well. He's smoother but less slick, no longer needing to compensate for a slim physique with a riot of hair on his head. He's all filled out now and those sharp tailored suits he's been rocking emphasize this perfectly.

Watch these three clips of Maxwell's television appearances over the years and note the evolutionary stages--from flashy newcomer to bohemian hipster to today's elegantly-styled soul sophisticate. The one constant? F-I-N-E!

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