Thursday, July 30, 2009

And In "Press Junkets That Will Come Back to Haunt You" News...

Newlyweds Bill and Giuliana Rancic insist that theirs is a marriage meant to last and their new reality show "Giuliana and Bill" will not be the harbinger of doom for their union that it has been for every other couple who makes their relationship the focus of a reality show (except of course for Rob and Big).

The Rancic marriage, built on a solid foundation of constant travel between Chicago (where "Apprentice" winner Bill spends his time) and LA (where Giuliana works as spray-tanned E! News vulture and Seacrest Sidekick), will stand the test of time. And when Bill and Giuliana are old and gray, they will smugly dust off this interview they gave during a recent press tour for their grandchildren and be able to say to the rest of us, "We told you so."