Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vulture Watch

CNN: They've had some chick in a stakeout outside the gates of Neverland for some time. Larry King is talking to Cher. She doesn't disappoint, telling a story of when she wore beaded socks on a night out with Jackson. She says he kept saying, "Cher, I just love your socks! I love beaded socks!"

MSNBC: Being MSNBC, they are sure to follow the helicopter taking the body of Michael Jackson from the hospital to the coroner's office. Keith Olbermann who has been at the desk since around 6 PM EST or so, sans jacket makes a crass comment while the body is being moved from chopper to coroner van about this being his last appearance on television. Really, Keith? Really?

Also for some reason, they keep insisting on going to some fool hanger on attorney named Brian Oxman for comment. He's only able to keep retelling the same grim anecdote about hugging Jermaine and Randy at the hospital, unable to speak because of grief. He's undoubtedly skipping the part where he was promptly removed from their presence.

FOX NEWS: Two words: Geraldo Rivera. Oh, wait. Just when I thought it couldn't get douchier, TMZ's Harvey Levin is here!

And we all know one thing. Somewhere, Barbara Walters is pissed! This totally pwns her 20/20: Buzzard Edition on Farrah Fawcett that airs tonight. You know BW thought she had this in the ratings bag.

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