Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Oh "Early Show," Even Levi Johnston Can't Make You Worth Watching

Since they couldn't score their own Bristol Palin interview (she was on "GMA" and "Today" this morning), CBS' "Early Show" tried to do everything they could to make it look as if their chat with America's favorite babydaddy Levi would have him spitting hot fire against his former flame.

Sorry, Maggie Rodriguez. No amount of sensational "War of Words" headlines you throw under his face is going to change the fact that for an Alaskan redneck, Levi was downright gentlemanly towards Bristol. The worst thing he admits is that they didn't always use condoms and Tyra totally got that scoop ages ago. Poor "Early Show" I guess you're the perpetual third place finisher for a reason.

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