Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kate Gosselin, Big Balls in Tow, Visits "Today"

I haven't posted anything on the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" affair stuff because I find it all to be one big downer from a TellyPhile perspective. I used to love, love, love, this show. Kate was amazing and good looking even with questionable streaks and that Lisa Simpson thing going on in the back. Jon, god bless 'em, was always a trooper, loving Kate in spite of her abrasive ways. Ah, life was good at Casa Gosselin. They didn't have much, but they had love...and hand sanitizer.

Then came fame and Jon was getting hair plugs and Kates hair was getting weirder and streakier and the show ceased to be about their real life and was more "life now that we've got a TV show with lots of opportunities for product placement". I think I knew it was over when they did that music video. Didn't you? Agreed. 

Ok, so I was ignoring all of the tabloid stuff, attempting to be a good, above-the-fray kind of blogger. Then Kate had to go on the "Today" show. If I were you--yes, all ten of you out there--I'd want to see this because it's not just gross Us Weekly bullshiz, but coming straight from Kate herself. I've got to give it to her. She's got balls. Jon? Not so much. He was supposed to be on but made Meredith read a statement that you know Kate dictated to him the night before instead. Sigh. The Gosselins' sippy-cupped, organized existence was a nice escape from my unorganized one and proof that people do want to watch wholesome, family oriented reality TV when it's the genuine article. Unfortunately, that's been shat upon. The "J & K Plus 8" brand has clearly suffered irreperable damage. At least it looks like she's growing out those Lisa Simpson spikes though, right? Glass half full, people! Glass half full!

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