Thursday, May 07, 2009

How's that Fallon Kid Doing?

The Wall Street Journal reports, pretty good. Prettay, prettaay prettaaay good. Sorry about that. Suffering from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" withdrawal.

Also, there's this annoying tidbit about The Leno's plans for his 10pm spot.

NBC and Mr. Leno are still working out what shape Mr. Leno's new comedy show will take when it premieres in the fall. The network's Mr. Ludwin says a bigger set will allow Mr. Leno to do more stunts, such as indoor car races. He also says the current plan is for the last segment of each episode to be a "signature comedy piece" to encourage viewers to stay tuned to the end.

Indoor car races and closing gimmicks"signature comedy pieces." He must hoard the lame in his chin.

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