Friday, May 01, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to (the White House Correspondents') Dinner?

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Ah, the White House Starfuckers Correspondents' Dinner. DC is blogging in anticipation. Wanda Sykes, who hilariously enough happens to be a former NSA employee with security bonafides and everything, will be hosting. Far be it from me to hate on a time-honored celebrity-ensconced sitdown--actually that's not true, I hate on lots of things--but this time, my vitriolic tendencies (see, steady IV drip of haterade) is not the point.

The point is there's something deeply icky about journalists charged with covering the POTUS, sitting around and LOLing with him all night instead. If TMZ has taught us anything, it's that bad things happen when subjects get too close to their paparazzi. Chuck Todd is only a few strokes of the razor away from being Obama's Adnan.

Anyway, as you'll see from the guest list, there are definitely TellyPhiles in high places. The coolest ones have to be at the Atlantic for, as I posted previously, they've made the most out of their chance to invite a couple of bold-faced names to sit at their table:

* Atlantic Magazine: Ed Westick (Gossip Girl), Newt Gingrich *

Also noteworthy:
  • CNN is still under the regretful impression that Ashton and Demi belong anywhere other than Twitter.

  • ABC News gets points for being the least starfuckerish. Upon further consideration, they've invited half the White House A-list.  Totally inappropriate. Points withdrawn.
  • People has Jon Hamm of "Mad Men". My first reaction was...People??? Is there another People magazine I'm not aware of, one that employs actual journalists? I thought we were all agreed that People is pretty much picture pages for grownups, and not particularly smart ones. What? It's not like ever actually bought one. The other reaction I had was Jon Hamm, WTF? "Mad Men" is so chic, so masculine, so thoughtful. You deserve better than this. I say somewhere between the first and second courses you hightail it to the Fortune table and never look back.
UPDATE: The WHCD is on May 9th and usually airs on CSPAN. Go here for footage of WHCDs past.