Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bravo's "The Fashion Show" A Total "Runway" Knockoff

"The Fashion Show" premieres tonight on Bravo. I'm expecting this to be like getting used to drinking Diet Coke, or methadone after years of chasing the dragon for you junkie smackaholic types. The LA Times confirms as much with their review:

They have essentially re-accessorized the earlier show while leaving its basic elements intact: Small challenge. Elimination challenge. Elimination. Repeat weekly until won. (Of course, this also describes a dozen other shows now running.) Its good points are nearly all repeated from "Runway," while its faults are rooted in an attempt to seem different. There are perhaps too many additional features and segments and judges here, getting in the way of the story. The show is, basically, overdressed.
Why couldn't the thing they copied from "Runway" be having the perfect female host. Heidi Klum was so fierce and fabulous. Bravo decides to follow her with...Kelly Rowland? Cricket cricket.

Kelly seems like a very sweet girl, but this is fashion! The audience doesn't want sweet we want devastatingly diva. K only recently stopped looking like Scooby Doo's cousin and those Destiny's Child outfits. Ugh. I shudder just thinking about the overembellishment. Luckily, I love Isaac Mizrahi. He was hilarious on his Oxygen show and is a big enough personality that he may be able "to make it work", questionable co-host or not.

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