Thursday, May 07, 2009

All in the (Bravo) Family with Bethenny and Isaac

Let's play getting to know your newest Bravo host. I've brought the visual aid thanks to Bravo's website where they oh so thoughtfully posted this entertaining clip of Bethenny and newest Bravo family member "The Fashion Show" host Isaac Mizrahi. They totally make love to one another telephonically.

A few things: B's hair looks great. Franco or whatever his name is really worked her weave for her that day. I love their discussion of Jill's perception of homosexuality and Isaac's appreciation for the fabulosity of the Housewives. That's what's so cool about Isaac. He's not too cool for school despite being one of fashion's coolest kids. Oh, and his Luann impression is dead on (even though he calls her de Seppes--heh). On second thought, her voice may be a little deeper. Just kidding, LuLu! I love, I love.