Monday, April 13, 2009

Zac Efron Barely Escapes Molestation on "The View"

 Photo Credit: eonline

Somewhere in New York City right now, Vanessa Hudgens is consoling Zac Efron as he tries to fight back the tears and flashbacks of what just happened to him on "The View". It's hard to know where to start, guys. I was already taking notes for the Whoopi Wardrobe Watch. When I heard Zac was going to be the guest,  I knew this would be a cub-in-the-cougar den TV moment worth sticking around for. God bless 'em. The brood didn't disappoint.

Babs started things off by playing unnecessary hardball with the poor kid. First she disarmed him by telling him how cute he was. It was kind of like watching the witch luring Hansel into her house made of sweets, except instead of sweets, Barbara's house is made of Mickey Mouse. She didn't take too kindly to Zac poking fun at Disney and "High School Musical" while hosting SNL on that other network last Saturday. She hit him hard for the betrayal and verbally bitchslapped him by asking if he thought this was a case of  "biting the hand that feeds you". Fire. We get it, Barbara. You're a company gal. You'll get the gold watch. Down, girl. Zac handled it well, but you could tell everyone else was like WTF??? They didn't let Babs talk much after that.

Oh and I forgot to mention the creepy way Joy adoringly brushed a lock of Zac's distracting I-have-hair-but-I-still-rock-a-combover do out of his face.Did none of the brood get any over the break?

The answer to that question would be answered quite succinctly only moments later when Sherri went "TMI: Cougar Edition" on us and gushed that she fantasized about Zac after seeing him in his movie, "17 Again". Whoopi was the only one with balls enough to say what everyone else was thinking, "Ewwwuh!" and I can't be certain, still waiting for video to be posted to confirm, but I'm pretty sure Zac turned to Whoopi and said something like, "I know, right?" Diss! Sherri was embarassed and tried to insist that the fantasies were, of course, PG. No backsies, Sherri, your cougar's already sprung.

Check back for video of this great moment in "View" history. For now, here's the SNL skit that had Barbara pissed. Zac does a pretty good job.:


  1. if Zac Efron plays his cards right, he will be one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood