Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will MTV's "Bridge and Tunnel" Kids Ever See the Light of Day?

The LA Times' Show Tracker has its doubts so ST blogger Choire Sicha enthusiastically suggests we protest if MTV doesn't allow reality baby, "Bridge and Tunnel," past the development stage. Choire feels really strongly about this show which documents Staten Island kids whose lofty goal is to live in Manhattan one day. If you're not familiar with SI, aka The Fifth Borough, imagine what it would be like if Tony Soprano started his own colony. I'm just saying...

Guilty pleasure TV is what puts spring in my step so far be it from me to take anything away from her joy over this show, but I'm not getting why Show Tracker thinks B&T is "...a television show you have never seen, and may never see, that deeply scratches an itch you don't even know you have." MTV covered Staten Island aspirants for their "True Life" series from ago. So my Staten Island itch--and Choire's right, I'm not sure I do have one--has already received attention.

I did like Choire's take on MTV's new TRLesque summer show starring a British broad named Alexa Chung. Her eponymous show will air everyday as TRL did before it and will be Twitteriffic and Facebooked OUT! A pretty hilarious bit from the post:
Tony Disanto, MTV's programming dude, even said that "it's like if MTV and Facebook had a baby." FAIL. In the clip we saw, she grabbed Whitney Port's phone and texted something naughty to Brody Jenner. Oh, Eliza Alexa, what a fun friend you are! You're the kooky friend we never wanted.