Tuesday, April 14, 2009

White House Press Corps, Literally, Goes to the Dogs

Well, one dog in particular. Yes, Christmas came early, or late, depending on whether you're a "glass half-full or half-empty" kind of person, for cable news this afternoon when the Obamas allowed the White House Press Corps to photograph Bo Obama's homecoming.

I am still startled by how normal our First Family is. Their dynamic is a lot like what went on at my house. You could see Barack had the least to do with this, spouting off things about the dog he'd probably been briefed on while Michelle was the parent holding the leash and getting down in Bo's face to let him know who's boss. Malia and Sasha of course are madly in love as evidenced by Malia's gushing, "He's perfect."

Yes, it's all very heartwarming as long as Tamron Hall and the talking head MSNBC's enlisted to give commentary stay out of the way. Nothing could be more difficult for the cablers than to not put their two cents in and talk over a story as it's happening. They seem deathly afraid that their viewers might come to their own conclusions.

But hang in for the end of the clip, TellyPhiles. The photo op is over, so Barack wanders off in one direction, presumably to get back to running the free world which (cool!) now involves taking out pirates. Sasha says "Bye, Daddy!" And scene....

But what's this?! Barack awkwardly comes back into frame and joins Michelle and the girls as they walk off into the sunset, dog in tow. Running of the free world be damned. The Barackarazzi were going nowhere if they didn't get their moneyshot.

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