Monday, April 20, 2009

Weather Kicks Ass!

I've never smoked marijuana, but I've watched people pretend to on TV. In the spirit of brutal honesty I would never engage in outside of the Internet, I confess to being pretty intolerant of potheads in the past. The annoying lingo, the white people dreadlocks, HACKEY SACKS--ugh. But my "21 Jumpstreet" stance has softened over time.

These days I prefer to focus on the things we have in common--too much television, too much ice cream, and too much Dave Matthews.

So this is me acknowledging your little pot holy day, and attempting to relate to you people. It's not like I've never been high. There was that unfortunate far out Benadryl overdose. Bygones.


  1. Have I ever mentioned that I've always had a HUMONGOUS crush on Hyde?

  2. I totally thought this was going to be the clip of the 70's show gang singing 'Some People Call Me Maurice'. It's pretty great and tripific.

    I'm making that a word.