Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wanda Sykes Getting a New Gig

Huffington Post tipped me off to this Broadcasting & Cable exclusive. FOX is giving Wanda Sykes her own late night talk show. The plan is for it to start in the fall or January on Saturdays at 11pm. It will be more like Bill Mahr's "Real Time" than a typical late night show format.

This is the first time since Fox's failed experiment with Joan Rivers that a woman, and a black gay one at that, will be hosting a late night show on a network. I'm liking this. Wanda's so good on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "New Adventures of Old Christine". And I love how she reinvented her whole look with that blonde afro and cool jean/blazer combinations. She and Ellen are definite lesbian fashion do's. Besides that, television is in desperate need of true funny on Saturday late night. SNL's tired monopoly might be over at last. You heard me right, Lorne. Step off!

Here's Wanda at work from her special "Sick and Tired". Clip is NSFW so bust out the headphones or chloroform your boss. A tellyphile's gotta do what a tellyphile's got to do.

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