Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TellyPhiles of the Day

Barack and Michelle are my first TellyPhile(s) of the Day. Seems like a nice highbrow start, don't you think? This is how our President watches the Superbowl. Thanks is owed to Brian Williams who made himself useful on MSNBC this afternoon by referring me to where, in honor of the President's first 100 days, they've posted a smorgasbord of photos from the White House Photo Office.  
Note the Obama Administration's smooth manipulation of the media spectacle. This is what the White House has to say about the images:
Bolding mine. "Exclusive", "unique", "massive". The White House PR people are better than Us Weekly.
Oh, and's slideshow is cool I suppose, but it turns out I like my propaganda Flickred. Hellooo, you get captions.

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