Wednesday, April 01, 2009

STFU! Luann de Lesseps Getting Di de le Vorced

 Photo credit: nymag

HometownHollywood drops a bomb with news from PageSix that Luann and her Count have split.

Apparently it was because of 1 (ah, ah, ah) Ethiopian woman. It's late. I'm sorry. I get tired and my comic sensibility reaches for favorite muppets. In all seriousness, I do feel badly for Luann. What kind of self-respecting European blueblood actually leaves his wife for his mistress? Oh hello, Prince Charles. Didn't see you come in. Bygones.

Luann was my favorite "if you say so" royal. And this after her little history lesson with Kelly on last night's episode in which she explains that Napoleon wanted to make The Count's ancestor The Duke of Suez.  (Is all this shiz Wikiable?) No matter, LD, you'll always be the Countess of My Heart. Ramona was right. He is old. Get yourself an Ashton and be done with it.

UPDATE: PopWatch digs in.

UPDATE II: Let the Countess blogwatch begin.


  1. Oh snap! Looks like little Lu's going to have to start taking the advice she was so quick to give Bethenny...

  2. Ooh...just clicked on the countess' blogwatch, which lead me to another link: LuAnn's cast blog on Bravo's website. A must-read: And LuAnn weighs in on Bethenny and Kelly's fight in the bar. My favorite quote: "I don't take sides, but if I did, Bethenny came out the winner." Ha--"if I did"--how very dis-countess of her!