Thursday, April 30, 2009

On This Edition of Please Stop: White Anchors, Black Slang

Dear White Media Establishment,

Please stop trying to be "down". In the attached clip (via TV Newser), Kyra Phillips and T.J. Holmes engage in awkward post-segment banter following Holmes' report on our new President's "swagga". Sigh. When you guys co-opt these terms, things always go to a corny, uncomfortable place of no return as you can see when Phillips demands Holmes give her a fistbump. Kyra's unabashed glee was so the Mayor's wife in "Color Purple" when she forces asks Oprah's Sophia to be her maid.

Plus, when you pull this kind of thing it's right back to the drawing board for black people who have enough to worry about--how to keep from being "threatening" to white co-workers, what are we going to do with our hair. That kind of thing--without having to come up with brand new words and colorful turns-of-phrase to replace the one you just made officially over (see "bling").

P.S. - T.J., we'll take this up with you at The Meeting.