Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No He Di'nt! Mike Barnicle Calls Unrelated Black "Hardball" Panelists "Twins"


My favorite snaggle-toothed former fabricator who somehow gets to be a moderator on MSNBC, Mike Barnicle, was subbing for Chris tonight on "Hardball". His panel consisted of the Chicago Tribune's Clarence Page and WaPo's Eugene Robinson. Both are bespectacled black newsmen. Apparently, these similarities were too much to take for Barnicle. As he was going to break he called them his "wisdom twins". Hmmm...I bet it's not only their smarts that looked the same to you, was it Mr. Barnacle! I'm mostly kidding, but it still made me shake my head.

It's bad enough this guy calls BO President "Obamer". Come on!

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